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Erin Fortney Photography | Northern Maryland Doula Services


When you choose Northern Maryland Doula Services, you're hiring an entire agency, lucky you.

Two Doulas will attend your complementary, in-home consult.
Two Doulas on-call; providing 24/7 phone, text and email support from the moment of signing.

Two Doulas at your prenatal meeting to discuss fears, anxiety, and hopes for you birth.

We will briefly practice comfort measures to find what makes you feel comfortable.

Two Doulas sharing a call schedule, to assure you will have one of them supporting your birth.

No guess work on if you will be meeting a random back-up doula because something came up with the doula you hired.

Two Doulas for an in-home postpartum visit a few days after your birth.

We believe the world should be kneeling at your feet when your family is growing. Our Doulas role is to provide non-medical, judgment free support during pregnancy, birth and through the postpartum weeks that follow. Our mission is to educate, empower and support families to feel the most confident in their parenting journey, no matter what that path looks like for you. A doula works exclusively for you, acknowledging your concerns and victories through this time. We will work as a team with your care providers and support your birth partner as well (give them bathroom breaks!).

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