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My Mommy Doesn't Want Your Advice

"Thanks for your unsolicited parenting advice", said no mom ever.

Even when I was pregnant, this through rolled through my mind-thankfully never left my lips.

-Don't let them cry too long

-Don't hold them too much

-Pick him up, pick him up

-He must be hungry

-He shouldn't go to bed that late

-That's too late

-He's a baby

-You need to stop babying him

These are just a few of the unappreciated statements of advice I've gotten as a new mom.

I'm just gonna say what the rest of us want to say to all of you who give unwanted advice-


I'm confused. Is it the fact that you are the perfect parent that gives you the right to always tell me how to raise my child? Or the mere fact that you’re a moron who can’t take the hint after the third time you told me my son can’t cry, and I gave you the evil eye.

Here's some of my own advice- STOP GIVING IT!! If I ask for it, that means I want the help. If I don't ask, don't feel the need to give it.

No, I am not mad at you for trying to help. I'm annoyed. As new moms we have our own ideas about how we want to raise our children. We are just as knowledgeable as you, but this is also trial and error for us. It's a fun learning experience. We only get one chance at this as first time moms.

So please, don't rob us of that.


The Fed up Momma.

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