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I Hate That Sh*t - Unsolicited Baby Bump Touches

I made it 29 weeks. I thought, well I came this far, maybe this pregnancy I'll get out in the clear. No unwanted baby bump touches for this preggo chick!

I'm standing in the middle of Macy's with my almost two year old trying to hide in between the clothing racks, a store employee starts chatting with about my pregnancy, and then about the gender. She reaches out to feel my bump (with both hands), my back and even my hips, rubbing all over, to make a predication on the gender I'm having.

I'm all for gender guessing.

Super fun.

Hence why we want our baby's gender to be a surprise.

But NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE wants strangers rubbing their bodies during a exchange of words in the mall. Unless I hired you for a pregnancy massage, BACK UP.

What is it about Pregnancy that makes people think personal space flies out the window? Of course they mean well, but I know she wouldn't have responded as gently if I went in for a grab of her breast. "Oh feels great, I predict no breast cancer there!" Actually, in Pennsylvania, a pregnant woman charged a man with harassment for unsolicited belly touching. It isn't technically illegal, but any form of unwanted touching is. A little extreme, but would you touch a woman's stomach who isn't pregnant? Nope.

For best results, try to have some things you would say thought up, so that when the situation arises, it comes naturally to say, "hands off"... I was caught by surprise, and looking back now, I can think of a few choice phrases.

Holding hands in front of your belly, standing close to your partner, stepping back and ultimately making a comment, should get the point across. Do try to remember, most people do not mean harm by belly touching, but we do agree, it should be a mutual agreement.

Did random strangers rub your baby bump? How did you react? Tell us in the comments.

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