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It's Okay to Change Doctors

First trimester or third, pregnancy is full of changes. Between your body, emotions, and even your last craving, it's always changing.

But does that mean you can change your care provider too?

Of course you can!

Why would someone feel like switching their doctor or midwife?

You've already gone with them this far, but it's important to always follow your gut.

If you don't feel connected to them, wish they would explain things in a little more detail, don't answer your questions, these are all valid and common reasons to feel uncomfortable and want to make the switch. But any reason is a valid reason.

How do you actually make the switch?

Start by asking around. Ask friends, family, your doula, your local birth network, who they recommend for what exactly you're looking for. Typically, it will be easy as calling the new office and asking if they're taking clients for your due date and your insurance. You may or may not have to call your previous provider and ask for a transfer of records. If they ask why you're changing, it is up to you if you want to share this information or not. They're probably just asking to learn how to better themselves.

Is it ever too late to change?

This will depend on the practice or care provider you're looking into switching to. If you're past 36 weeks be sure to explain your situation to see if they will make an exception.

Sometimes this will all be easier said than done. But be persistent! You deserve the birth you want, with a care provider you feel comfortable with, who will fully support you.

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